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Появились невидимые источники света! Урра!
(надеюсь, они будут ярко светить ;))



Credits: Newsea

The hair is high poly and uses alpha, maybe can crash your game
Have some issues with transparency

Download - Mediafire

Omg! :D


Today i had a request for Japanese inspired floors and walls

so Ive made basic tatami mats ( found under carpet )

and Shoji wall panels (found under paneling) (only short wall height available … more authentic)

carpet has 3 pieces two end swatches and a middle so you can customize it

Walls come in basic shoji panel and a silk screen version (this will get added to over the next few days …


WALL here : http://www.mediafire.com/download/vbr44mxpcqcpsv6/kiwisims4_Shoji_screen.package

FLOOR here : http://www.mediafire.com/download/4kfxms19z3ps35d/kiwisims4_Tatami_Mats.package



Made this for myself but you can get it if you want it :)



Download - Mediafire

Credits: newsea

use at your own risk


Provence dining room by Severinka


It’s tea….


**Cyber Goggles**

I have made for you 16 cyber/rave goggle recolors. For all your industrial Sim life needs! 100% Hand Painted, as always. If you would like any other colors feel free to message me the HTML color code and I will add them.

Thanks to Esmeralda over at MTS for the conversion of the Sims 2 rave goggles for TS4. I do not take credit for this mesh only the recolor. 

This is a standalone goggles, and will not override any other items.

These can be found under M/F Earrings, YES this is unisex! 

custom cas icon

      .::Download Rules::.

  • Do not re-upload
  • Do not claim as your own
  • No pay sites
  • Recolors not allowed
  • Do not alter without my permission
  • Tag SrslySims if you use, I would love to see them in your game.

16 colors included.

Download @ Mediafire

Download @The Sims Resource (soon)

No issues found, play tested. If you have an issue let me know and I will look into it. 


Origin ID:pearljasmine 

30 X 20



1200 Followers Gift.

Natural Lip Gloss, for a perfect date!

Standalone - Custom Swatches - Custom Thumbnails

these toothy lip gloss has always been my favorite in sims2, and now available for sims 4 too. I hope you like it :)

Download : http://goo.gl/3oMcnh

credits: Sintiklia for the awesome lashes and tutorial, Auruv & Grand310, S4pe, Sims4studio, color magic tools.

*Do not claim as your own


Okay, so this is just an update for those people who have crashing problem in their games with my romper.

I’ve separated the original file into two. One with Floral prints and the other with Solid recolors. You can use both files at the same time.

I hope it’s okay now. Otherwise, please let me know. Thanks =)

DOWNLOAD – Romper Floral

DOWNLOAD – Romper Solid

ECO Modern house by Dolkin



Willow Creek Library (No CC)

Cheat : Resize Objects

Download : Origin ID [simmightsay]

**Max & Zara**

Missing Florida just a little bit :-(

Her finished works of art :-D