I guess this is where I say I'm an addict...to anything sims related! Welcome to my Simblr page where I tend to bounce from world to world. Sorry but I only follow other Simblrs and I don't follow when you result to posting porn. When I want sex I'll go have it with my husband. I don't need to see it in the sims. (Click on my pics to see them better)

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This one you can judge by the cover… 

hehe. Her dream has come true.

totally. but don’t tell the hubby :-)

Okay they’re sexy but apparently very boring to talk to :-/

EEk!  I’m surrounded by sexy men. Channing Tatum and Orlando Bloom. Okay, my sim will be at the gym everyday now :-P

lol your cc looking good. :-P

Thank you gurrrrl. I picked it all myself. LOL

Lol so cool i love mr.bean <33

It’s so odd how easy it is to see the real person in these cartoon versions from TS4. I love Mr.Bean too :-)


[MF SIMS] Embellished Short Jacket

  • Standalone Item
  • 4 Available Colors
  • YA - A

Added a nice new club to try later tonight, as for now, time for the gym! Gotta keep my cc looking good :-P

Lilly making new friends with the Ferguson family and showing off for the presidents daughter :-P

It’s Mr.Bean!

I just had to add him :-)

Looks like Natasha has wandered into the community. I don’t think Lilly has seen a person with so much makeup on before. 


False Lashes - 5 Colors Mascara by -Shady-

This Mascara will appear in the makeup section under “eyeliner”. Its a new item, new recolor.





The Sims 4: “Move Objects On” Mod by Twisted Mexican

Twisted Mexican has just released an automatic “Move Objects On” mod in The Sims 4. He has also included a cheat command to disable it, so be sure to check out the mod page for more information on this mod.

Guys guys guys guys SQUEEEEEEEEEE!

Omg yes!